Newsletter 2019-September Edition

Newsletter 2019 - September Edition


  - GRAS  

    Acoustics Sensor  for NVH




   Listen Inc.  Technical article – Microphone SNR Measurement (Background Noise Method)

   Listen Inc.  技术文章麦克风SNR测量(背景噪声法)




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  • 08. New !! 147AX CCP Rugged Pressure Microphone
    06. New !! 147AX CCP Rugged Pressure Microphone

    For Engine Noise Microphone 专为发动机噪声而设的147AX CCP坚固型压力场麦克风  发动机噪声 - 147AX CCP麦克风小冊子

  • 07. 147EB CCP X-Rugged Microphone Set
    07. New !! 147EB CCP X-Rugged Microphone Set

    Microphone for wheelhouse brake noise testing 车轮腔制动噪声麦克风 车轮腔制动噪声- GRAS 147EB CCP X-RUGGED 超级坚固型麦克风

  • 23. G.R.A.S. 146AE 1/2" Free-Field Rugged Microphone Set
    08. GRAS 146AE 1/2" CCP Free-Field Rugged Microphone Set

    Versatile NVH Microphone 多功能的NVH麦克风 多功能的NVH麦克风 GRAS 146AE is The rugged automotive microphone from GRAS.  Provides accurate data under even the most challenging test conditions. Resists shock, vibration, drop, water, dust and extreme temperatures More Detail: 146AE Brochure 中文版146AE小册子

  • 09. SoundCheck System
    10. SoundCheck System

    SoundCheck Software is the heart of a SoundCheck test system. It generates all the test signals, performs analysis and displays results according to the user’s configuration.  SoundCheck软件是SoundCheck测试系统的核心。它会生成所有测试信号,执行分析并根据用户的配置显示结果。 --- More Details: Sound Check System