Newsletter 2019 - March Edition


Monthly Feature Products

 -  G.R.A.S 

     New ! New Paradigm for Engine Noise Testing  – 147AX

     发动机噪声测试的新范例   -  147AX

 S&V Samford

-   IRSS 

    IR  Window - The VPT Series

    VPT 系列红外视窗

S&V Samford 

-   Listen Inc. 

    NEW! SoundCheck Version 17 



Related products

  • 01. Infrared Window
    01. Infrared Window- The VPT Series

    Round Transparent Polymer IR Window - The VPT Series 圓形透明聚合物紅外窗口 -  VPT系列 --- -  Industrial grade IR window for heavy duty applications  用於重型工業級應用的紅外窗口 -  Clear reinforced polymer optic for short, mid and long wave Infrared; Ultraviolet and visible spectrums  用於短波,中波和長波紅外線的透明增強聚合物光學元件; 紫外和可見光譜 -  Arc Tested to IEC 62271-200 符合 電弧測試IEC 62271-200

  • 08. New !! 147AX CCP Rugged Pressure Microphone
    06. New !! 147AX CCP Rugged Pressure Microphone

    For Engine Noise Microphone 专为发动机噪声而设的147AX CCP坚固型压力场麦克风  发动机噪声 - 147AX CCP麦克风小冊子

  • 09. SoundCheck System
    10. SoundCheck System

    SoundCheck Software is the heart of a SoundCheck test system. It generates all the test signals, performs analysis and displays results according to the user’s configuration.  SoundCheck软件是SoundCheck测试系统的核心。它会生成所有测试信号,执行分析并根据用户的配置显示结果。 --- More Details: Sound Check System