• Communication Electonics in relation with TIA Test Standards Seminars

    S&V Samford Instruments Ltd . , representing  Listen Inc.,  SOUNDCHECK electro-acoustic test system, ( ) ,  invite you  to attend our  Seminar  ,  Communication Electonics in relation with TIA Test Standards  on  31 st  July 2018  (Tuesday)  in Taipei  & 2 nd  August 2018 (Thursday)  in Shenzhen  respectively....
  • Newsletter 2018 - June Edition

    Monthly Feature Products  每月特色产品 - CAE Software und System  CAE Software und System      Acoustic Camera XS-56     声学相机XS-56   - G.R.A.S    High Resolution Ear Simulator for Hearing Aid    用于助听器的高分辨率耳朵模拟器     - Onosokki     Application: Measuring rotation unbalance of an excavator    应用个案:测量挖掘机的旋转不平衡 Download  下载
  • Newsletter 2018 - May Edition

    每月特色产品 -GRAS  5CC 4Case Study  案例研究   -SINUS Apollo Light   -01dB CUBE     DOWNLOAD  下载
  • Newsletter 2018 - April Edition

    每月特色产品 -GRAS  40SA Probe Microphone 探头麦克风   -Listen Inc. Automotive Audio Testing 汽车音频测试   -SoftdB MEZZO 2- Ch. Analyzer 分析仪 Download  下载
  • Newsletter 2018 - March Edition

    每月特色产品     - NEW!  CAI CAI Fourier Transform Infrared Analyzer – 700 FTIR   -NEW ! CTC iBOX Series   - G.R.A.S.      表面麦克风 Download 下载