04. Needle Hydrophones (HN-series)

Needle hydrophones can provide a good reflection profile. Therefore, they are suitable for continuous wave applications. 

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Needle hydrophones are suitable for continous wave applications with an  inherently good reflection profile, where interference patterns can arise.

sound and vibration 

The HNC model that is ceramic-based contains the most sensitivity for their size with a less flatted frequency response. The other model, polymer-based HNP model, with about 10dB less sensitivity, but have a smoother frequency response for a given size. 


The Needle hydrophones are rugged, typically for measuring fields for industrial applications and other high intensity fields. HNA models are designed for measuring HIFU acoustic fields, which is able to measure multiple bursts of high pressure. The Ruggedness of HNA allows users to measure inside tissues and phantoms.

Sound and Vibration 


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