01. AIMS III with Soniq Software

Acoustic Intensity Measurement System-AIMS III

The Latest Generation hydrophone scanning system- The AIM III  can help to enhance the acoustic measurement productivity to  map acoustic fields in liquids.  

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Acoustic Intensity Measurement System- AIMS III with Soniq Software

Want to enhance acoustic measurement productivity to map acoustic fields in liquids? 

ONDA’s latest generation hydrophone scanning system is able to help you. Saving the measuring time of setting up, scanning and reporting can help you to improve your workflow by enhancing the productivity.


These improvements are based on decades of scanning technology development.  With the Soniq Software, users are benefited from real-time plotting, automated FDA reporting, and improved positioning performance. AIM III continues to be the de facto standard scanning tank for hydrophone-based measurements.

 -------S&V Samford Instruments 


AIM III includes a range of features. Besides of enhancing productivity, real-time plotting to confirm optimal measurement set-up early, AIM III provides a lot of benefits to its users.


For instance, automated diagnostic and physiography reporting tables compliant with the lastest IEC standards and FDA guidance documents, its mechanical improvements provide advance positioning accuracy and reliability, provide automated temperature reading with USB probe, provide dll interface for external software control, provide SmartSCAN to reduce scanning time, provide Angular positioner to accommodate various orientations (including “shoot down”) and also launched over 100 measurement parameters. 

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