01. Next Generation Headphone Testing

Better testing means better products

-The headphone market is expanding rapidly these years. Advances in technology have allowed for not only production of headphones in a wide range of types and forms, but also improved performance and connectivity.

More Details: New Headphone Testing

More details

The Next Generation Headphone Testing provides:

sound and vibration

The Next Generation Headphone Testing Provides, a New improved Pinna, Better low frequency testing  better low noise testing and a better perfromance on testing the high frequency. 

sound and vibration Quality Check 

HALT refers to the Highly Accelerated Lifetime Tests, which is also the quality mark of G.R.A.S. The HALT test of  G.R.A.S. is created to confirm their microphones can perform under a real life situations. 


43BB Ear Simulator for Better Headphone Testing Solutions 

43AG Ear & Cheek Simulator For Better Headphone Testing Solutions 

Kemar Solution


Introducing the next Headphone Test Fixture - for fast, repeatable production line testing



Introducing New Improved Pinna

sound and vibrationv

S&V samford

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