07. FFT analyzer - All-in-one portable analyzer

The ONOSOKKI FFT analyzer is an All -in-one portable analyzer. All the FFT analysis can be performed with integrated hard keys and touch panel (a capacitance type) without requiring an external PC for analysis. 

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More details

There are four types of FFT analyzer. The CF-3560 (4inch), CF-3850 (8inch), the CF-9200 and CF-9400. These four analyzers have different Features.

For the CF-3650 (4inch) and CF-3850 (8inch), they featured with a wide range of measurement applications, for example natural frequency measurement (with a frequency response function), tracking system (for evaluating on dynamics characteristics of rotation machines and engines), Real-time octave analysis (that effective for acoustical analysis) and also the throughput disk function (that able to record the waveform data to the built-in hard disk drive) 


The CF-3650 and 3850 are easy for users to setup with direct interface, Various Analysis and digital Recording. 

sound and Vibration

For the CF-9200 and CF- 9400, their exclusive development 100KHz high-performance analysis front-end system have combined with a 24-bit A/D converter, which can bring out more reliable and easier analysis for the noise and vibration that produced by plant lines, pumps, moto, electrical applicants etc. 

Sound and Vibration

Both CF-9200 and CF-9400 are also providing solutions for field workers in their FFT analysis that include the resonance and frequency characteristics of mechanical structures in the vibrating environment with electromagnetic vibrators and impulse hammers. They are speedy, flexible, versatile, quite portable FFT Analyzer that included, wide and dynamic range, isolated all inputs and the functions of real-time tripartite graph display. 

Sound and Vibration

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Sound and Vibration

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