04. Torque Detector

Searching for a wide variety of torque measurement? The SS Series Torque Detector can definitely help you!! This ONOSOKKI’s SS Series provide wide variety of torque measurement applications.

TH-3000 series is a torque detector designed for very low torque (less than 2 N· m) with high response and high accuracy.


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More Details: TH-3000

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Result from the SS series torque detector and the unitized cast-casing structure, high rigidity results can enjoy free from parts replacement, therefore, they can be handled more easily compare to other type of torque, such as strain gauges, detectors that with non-contact signal detection.  There are also 13 models in the series are available to choose according to the requirement in torque capacity. 

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Besides that, The SS series torque detector provides a high stability and reproducibility to small torque measurements, a variety products range according to the torque capacity, torque and revolution (option) can be measured at the same time and can realize a high accuracy of ±0.2 % of Full scale, in combination with the TS-2800/3200A torque meter. It should be a perfect tool for you to work with!! Just Contact us through Email or on phone! 


The TH-3000 seriers

It  is standard type, and the TH-3000H is for high speed rotation.

It enables accurate torque detection from small precise machines and other machineries with high resolution. Excellent at response, torque ripple produced in actual rotation speed can also be measured.

 Ono sokki

The TH-3000 series works for development of a small rotating object which is required energy efficiency and noise-free. Selectable from rated torque 0.05 N· m, 0.2 N· m, 0.5 N· m or 2 N· m.

Sound and Vibration 


Hight Speed response, available up to 25,000r/min of rotation Speed. Best suited to Performance test of small motors.Provide high accuracy, overload-resistant mechanism. Line driver output having great noise resistance, mathing is not necessary at changing cable length. Compatible size with MD series.Easy couping and High durability.


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