09. Torque Station Pro

The design of TS-7700 Torque Station Pro is about the automatic measure for the motor torque characteristics that combined with MT-series torque detectors. It aims to provide an automatic evaluation in development and product inspection of motor and motor driver.

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TS-7700 Torque Station Pro provides user-friendly application software, an easy operation system that contains a secondary data processing spread sheet application. There are maximum 16 kinds of input signal can be measured, torque and revolution simultaneously. 

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Additionally, after the measurement and using the comparator function to expand the capability of usage in quality control, the motor characteristics can be shown in a graphic format according to users’ preference. 

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Why you need to choose the Torque Station of ONOSOKKI?  

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ONOSOKKI’s TS-7700 Torque Station can provide an automatic saving measurement results without any need for file-saving operations, output the specified Value Data that can faster the process of confirming measured values, measuring data with Data Secondary Processing function and Comparator Function to smooth the data fluctuation during low revolutions and acquire the judged results.

The Components Analysis of Torque Ripple and Cogging Torque can help to analysis cyclic variation’s size that occur during one revolution, each cycle, and identifies the primary factors which affecting the overall torque variations.

Furthermore, the Torque Station also contains the test Voltage setting function and the power meter Setting function.  The DC power supply voltage and the power meter measurement rates are able to set remotely through the RS-232C interface. 

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