01. Infrared Window- The VPT Series

Round Transparent Polymer IR Window - The VPT Series

圓形透明聚合物紅外窗口 -  VPT系列


-  Industrial grade IR window for heavy duty applications  用於重型工業級應用的紅外窗口
-  Clear reinforced polymer optic for short, mid and long wave Infrared; Ultraviolet and visible spectrums  用於短波,中波和長波紅外線的透明增強聚合物光學元件; 紫外和可見光譜
-  Arc Tested to IEC 62271-200 符合 電弧測試IEC 62271-200

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Round Transparent Polymer IR Window - The VPT Series

圓形透明聚合物紅外窗口 - VPT系列


An evolutionary step in infrared (IR) windows, the VPT Series utilizes our exclusive Poly-View System™ technology to allow the use of any thermography camera to monitor energized electrical equipment. The world’s only clear polymer IR window optic enables visual inspections, traditional IR inspections utilizing cameras across the entire IR spectrum and allows for UV inspections to be performed with a corona camera. The VPT Series IR windows are industrial grade with a patented reinforced grill that exceeds high voltage switchgear viewing pane standards.

VPT系列是紅外(IR)窗口的一個革命性步驟,它採用我們獨有的Poly-View System™技術,允許使用任何熱成像攝像頭監控通電的電氣設備。世界上唯一的透明聚合物紅外窗口光學器件可以進行目視檢查,傳統的紅外檢測使用整個紅外光譜的相機,並允許使用電暈照相機進行紫外檢測。 VPT系列紅外窗戶是工業級的,具有專利的加固格柵,超過了高壓開關櫃的觀察窗格標準。


Poly-View™ Optics System

The VPT Series utilizes our exclusive Poly-View™ technology enabling visual inspections as well as traditional IR inspections across the entire Infrared spectrum. Ultraviolet (UV) inspection can also be performed via the Poly-View™ system.


Fixed and Stable Transmission 固定和穩定的傳輸

Polymer based infrared windows are unaffected by the environmental and mechanical stresses that degrade the transmission of crystal based IR windows which are fragile and hygroscopic (even when coated). The polymer IR window systems will maintain fixed and stable transmission (FAST) for the life of the installation ensuring that the temperature data collected through the IR window is accurate and reliable for the whole life of the installation.




Arc Containment Tested

Durable and Rugged

Anti-Fogging Optic 防霧光學

Environmental Design 環保設計

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty


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