08. Sonus PD Alert

Sonus PD Alert

Permanet Partial Discharge Monitoring for Switchgear 

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The Sonus PD Alert is an asset mounted device for indicating the presence of partial discharge in high voltage switchgear, ring main units (RMUs) and transformers. Designed for use in small substations, the instrument can activate local and remote alarms in addition to local indication. The Sonus PD Alert is built into a tough case that magnetically mounts to the RMU. Installation is very quick and simple with only a power connection required to get the system operational.


Alarms can be configured to operate either locally with SCADA or remotely using an optional integrated modem. The system incorporates algorithms that distinguish noise from real PD, significantly reducing the likelihood of getting false alarms. The status and PD levels are displayed on a bright OLED display at the front of the unit.



Avoid Power Outages 

Early warning about defects that can lead to failure 


Cut your Costs 

Designed for large scale roll out across distributed assets, the monitoring system allows for a decrease in man-hours usually associated with inspection rounds.


Prevent Failures 

Implement as part of a Condition Based Maintenance program to monitor assets and receive notifications to inspect for possible faults before failure strikes.




General Specifications 

Overall Dimensions                      210x 190 x 65mm (8.27 x 7.48 x 2.56in)

Weight                                        670g (0.66lb)

IP/ NEMA Environment Rating       IP54/ NEMA 1 Standard, IP 68 Optional

Body Material                              Robust ABS Case

Display                                       OLED display with display level LEDs 

Connectors                                  Power, SCADA, 3x Ultrasonic, TEV

Control                                        Membrane keypad

Operating Temperature                 -20°C (-4°F) to 60°C (140°F)

Humidity                                      <= 90% RH non-condensing


Data Acquistion and Anaysis 

Number of Channels                     4 

Signal Sampling                           320k Samples/sec, 10 bit

PD Analysis                                  Automatic

Reporting                                     Website or Standalone


TEV Specifications 

Sensor                                       Capacitive

Measurement Range                    0 to 80 dBmV

Resolution and Accuracy              1dB, +/- 1dB

Noise Rejection                           Yes, with PRPD


Ultrasonic Specifications 

Number of Channels                    3

Measurement Range                    -6dBμV to+ 70dBμV

Resolution and Accuracy              1 dB, +/- 1dB

Transducer Sensitivity                 -65 dB (0dB = 1volt/μbar RMS SPL)

Transducer Center Frequency       40kHz



Rated Voltage                            100 to 250 VAC

Frequency                                 47 to 63Hz

Internal Back-up Battery            Lithium Ion , 3.7V, 6.9Ah, 35.5 W h

Back-up Operating Time             8 hours using Default Settings



Safety and EMC                         CE-compliant in accordance with Low Voltage Directive(2014/35/EU)

                                                and EMC Directive (2014/30/EU)



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