01. ARES Asset Management Platform

-Analysis tools for diagnosis and prognosis of machinery health.
-Modern communication tools for quicker, accurate decision making.
-Integration of multiple predictive maintenance technologies for a complete picture of mechanical asset health.
-Interface with other applications through OPC UA.

More details

Emerson’s new ARES platform supports the next generation of AMS Machinery Manager software for integrating multiple predictive diagnostic technologies. ARES platform delivers a holistic view into your asset’s health and identifies unique failure symptoms.


The ARES platform offers a human-centered design and reporting format that is intuitive and easily incorporates diagnostic and reporting sources into a single software platform for analysis of machinery health across the entire

plant even on your smartphone or tablet. The health of your assets is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.


Integrated technologies Include:
-Available Now
-Wireless Hart Gateways
-Ovation Machinery Health Monitor
-AMS Machinery Manager
-AMS Device Manager
-Future Availability
-Portable Vibration Analysis
-Online Machinery Monitoring
-Lubrication Analysis
-Infrared Thermography
-Laser Alignment
-AC Motor Diagnostics
-And more…

Open and Easy 

The ARES Platform will support new OPC UA technology,
making it easy to integrate third-party monitoring software
that expand the capabilities of your program.
Built on an SQL Base and using thin clients for easy installation,
asset extension installations and upgrades for the ARES
platform are simple and non-intrusive.


The ARES platform utilizes new OPC UA technology to integrate
additional technology into the software framework.


Ethernet/Internet Connectivity
-1 or more Ethernet ports
-Internet connection is required to download installations,patches, and register software.
-Internet connection is required to receive alerts and messages on the mobile application.


- A USB port is optional.

Minimum Requirements: Mobile
-IOS 8.0 with Safari
-IOS 9.0 with Safari
-Android 4.2 with Chrome 26 Mobile


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