09. Spectrum Analyzer X-Viber



A large step towards a well planned machine maintenance

More Details... 

More details

Because of  X-Viber's  Route function, the measurements are become fast and easy.

Now, by using the X-Viber, the Vibration level, temperature and RPM can be measured with the same instrument, which makes the measurements being much more simple.  

sound and  vibration Hong Kong 

With the X-Viber, you are also possible to make use of the Balancing function, Spectrum measurement and Analyzing . (For balancing, a balancing kit is available)


The Features included :

Able to use the Route via X-Trend software, total level , envolope

Avaliable to measure the Bearing Condition Value and off Route Spectrum / Spectrum in Route (option)

It can analysis  data, measure the tempreture and speed,

With the single Plane Balacing 

sound and vibration   X-Viber 

sound and vibration   X-Viber 


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