03. Infrared Camera - 防爆红外相机

TC7150 Infrared Camera (TC7150 防爆红外相机) ,

is listed for Class I, II, Division 2 and Class III Hazardous (Classifies) locations with a High Performance 320x240 radiometric infrared camera. 

It also contained with the RFID scanning and image tagging for automatic database collation and reporting.

CorDEX 防爆红外相机

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TC7150 防爆红外相机, 被列为一级、二级、二区和三级危险(分类) 并拥有高性能320x240辐射的红外摄像头。它还包含了RFID 扫瞄和图像标记的功能,能有效地使报告及数据库得以自动更新。此外,它能够让您预先看到热力并检测问题,让您能够防范于未燃。


You can see heat and detect problems beforehand with our CorDEX TC-7000/7150 ( CorDEX 防爆红外相机) .All from a tool that is virtually indestructible in everyday use.

 sound and vibration 防爆红外相机


 sound and vibration 防爆红外相机

 sound and vibration 防爆红外相机

With its Intrinsically safe certification when it comes to Rugged, TC-Series sets the bar. You can be sure these cameras will able to operate in any weather,day or night with the IP54 Ingress Protection rate.


凭着它的本质安全认证,当涉及到坚固的范畴 TC 系列设置使得您可以肯定,CorDEX 相机 (摄像机) 将能够在任何天气、白天或晚上的环境中都能與IP54防护等级率一同运行



Afarid of your valuable tool being dropped and damaged?  No Need to worry about this !! The TC-Series has been tested and certified as having passed a 3’/1m drop onto concrete at a temperature of -20C. Three Times!!


担心宝贵的工具因为不小心而摔坏? 放心! TC 系列的产品早已通过坚硬测试并获得认证。TC 系列曾在-20℃的温度下通过下跌测试-于三分之一米高的高度三次下跌至水泥地损伤。




 sound and vibration 

CoDEX is intrinscially safe certified, which is safe, reliable , rugged high, high speed, articulating lens with high quality image over, under and around obstacles. Moreover, with the onboard RFID tag reader,  you can assign images to RFID tags and automatically create reports, manage data and create trends.

 sound and vibration 

CorDEX 具有本质安全认证,证明CorDEX 的产品安全、可靠、坚固耐用、速度快、关节镜有超高质量图像。而且,通过内置RFID标签阅读器,您可以指定图像的RFID卷标和自动创建报表,管理数据和创建趋势。

 sound and vibration 

The cameras are CorDEX CONNECT enabled and also with the USB connection function.

TC 系列的相机可用USB 连接到计算机,并支持CorDEX CONNECT 软件。



防爆红外相机測試 (Tough Test of CorDEX Infrared Camera) 

sound and vibration  防爆红外相机 防爆红外相机


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