05. CTC- Junction Boxes

CTC offers a wide variety of Junction Boxes ranging from 1 channel up to 48 channels.  All of our enclosures with latching doors feature NEMA 4X (equivalent to IP66) ratings to ensure that they will stand up to outdoor environments, as well as tough factory environments. 

S&V Samford Instruments Ltd,  CTC- Junction Boxes

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CTC提供各种接线盒,从1通道到48通道。 我们所有带锁扣门的外壳均采用NEMA 4X(相当于IP66)等级,以确保它们能够承受户外环境以及恶劣的工厂环境。


There are few types of Junction boxes , whcih included Switch Box, Singnal Management Boxes, Cable Termination Boxed, Cable Reduction Boxed and also MAXX Boxes

CTC 几种类型的接线盒,包括开关盒、信号管理盒、电缆终端盒、电缆减少盒和MAXX盒


S&V Samord CTC- Junction Boxes

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