03. CadnaR Version 2.5 (New)

CadnaR is the efficient software tool to assess occupational noise. Plan measures to reduce noise in production facilities or optimize the sound quality in open plan offices.

S&V Samford Instruments LTD

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 CadnaR was especially designed for the particular requirements of the following groups:

-  Acousticians

- Authorities with responsibility for Immission Protection 

-  Architects (construtcion)

-  Architects (interior design) 

-  Research Facilities

-  Manufacturers of building acoustics products

-  Professionals who deal with office design 

-  Designer of electro- acoustic devices 


New Features in CadnaR Verion 2.5 


- CadnaR Objects

- Further New Features


- Miscellaneous

- Import / Export

- CadnaR Options.

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