04. New Noise Inspector- Acoustic Camera Solutions

 Noise Inspector, the best solution for acoustic cameras, developed by CAE Software and Systems. 


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Powerful and flexible, Noise Inspector offers an accurate, fast and smart technology for sound source localization. With great ease of system setting up, sound and vibration emissions becomes quickly visible in real-time.


Acoustic Cameras are now at your fingertips!

S&V Samford Instrument Ltd


The unique modular acoustic camera system provides an optimal & high performance solution for every need.


Either using the Smart Vision kits (with a tablet-PC attached to the back of the camera) to localize sound sources as easily as localizing thermal defects using a thermal camera. Or using the Noise Inspector kits (with a Laptop-PC for instance) for real-time and/or offline sound source localization: with scalable capacities, from standard to refined analysis, to the most advanced investigations abilities.



S&V Samford Instrument Ltd

The new generation Bionic arrays are based on 112 integrated microphones.
Innovation is always the watchword: 

  • Optimized array shape and microphone distribution: guarantees perfect sound source localization and high dynamic range.
  • Embedded High Definition digital camera.
  • Integrated data acquisition: no need to use external measuring equipment
  • Seven detachable microphone arms (setup about 1 minute): makes the system very transportable within a small package size
  • Easy-to-setup
  • Mobile (can be hand-held with a handle)
  • Battery operable
  • Robust


Among the great choice of arrays, there is one to fit each need:

  • BionicS-112 (112 mics, 0.6m diameter, for Beamforming and Nearfied acoustic holography) – NEW!
  • BionicM-112 (112 mics, 1m, for Beamforming and Nearfied acoustic holography) – NEW!
  • BionicL-112 (112 mics, 1.6m diameter, for Beamforming) – NEW!



Each microphone array is combined with an embedded High Definition digital camera.


S&V Samford Instrument Ltd


The Smart Vision software is the perfect solution for newcomers to acoustics. The software offers fast localization of acoustic issues. Therefore deep knowledge of acoustics is not necessary. The software ease-of-use makes it possible to start immediately working on your problems.

  • Online analysis in real-time
  • Up to 100 acoustic pictures per second 
  • Up to 60 optical pictures per second 
  • Save acoustic-photos and acoustic-videos
  • Playback of local sound 
  • Runnable on windows tablets, PCs and Notebooks

S&V Samford Instrument Ltd



The Noise Inspector software is the standard solution for visualizing sound sources. With its user-friendly interface, the application-oriented software guides you from data acquisition to analysis to saving and reporting of acoustic data. Several methods are available for processing the microphone signals.
A comprehensive reporting tool allows the user to quickly generate documentation and visualization of the results: export to Word, pictures, movies…



Many well-known algorithms are available, and complemented with unique new algorithms.

For measurements in the far field:


-  Standard Beamforming, orthogonal Beamforming

-  Enhancements to beamforming for optimal resolution at low frequencies: Capon, DAMAS, MUSIC lgorithms

-  CleanSC, to get a dynamic range of more than 40dB

-  Rotating Beamforming, for ventilators, turbines, fast rotating etc.. for analyzing wingtips and blade edges. 

-  Further algorithms may be seamlessly integrated due to the open program structure and the easy-to-use labVIEW or Matlab interface. 

- Worldwide unique 3D beamforming technology.

sound and vibration 

For measurements in the nearfield, and for low frequency noise sources as well: Nearfield Acoustic Holography (SONAH).

Acoustic processing is applicable to stationary and non-stationary noise sources.

S&V Samford Instrument Ltd


Noise Inspector is optimized to deliver best performance and most accurate results for every possible application. From Environmental acoustics, to Building acoustics, to NVH and more... 

sound and vibration 

-  Building leakage detection

-  Wind turbines airbone noise analysis

-  Vehicle noise analysis car, motorcycle, truck, ...)

-  Machine noise analysis

-  Handheld tools noise atnalysis

-  IT equipment noise analysis

-  Aero acoustic noise anaysis (including aero acoustic in wind tunnels) 

-  Fan noise analysis

S&V Samford Instrument Ltd

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