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01dB provides different types of sound and vibration software, which included dBLexd , dBTrig, dBTrait-HV, dBTrait , dBInside and Smart Building Acousstic Solutions Software.  

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Noise exposure analysis

The dBLEXD software allows for the processing and analysis of occupational noise exposure measurement data on workers. Associated with the WED noise dosimeter, it allows meeting the requirements of Directive 2003/10/EC and Standard ISO9612(2009) in an optimum way. Relying on a database, the dBLEXD software manages measurements, tasks and functions leading to Homogeneous Exposure Groups (HEG).

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Although the use of the dBLEXD software is optimum with the WED dosimeter, it remains compatible with the different generations of noise dosimeters by 01dB (SIE95 and CLS95). Furthermore, it can also process the data of all sound level meters (DUO, SOLO, SIP, etc.). The user can also manually input information to do exposure simulations or to retrieve data from non compatible instruments.


Standard ISO9612



01dB Software

dBTrig is the software program dedicated to the acquisition of sound and vibration data from the dB4 multichannel devices. It allows performing environmental measurements, mainly in monitoring projects.

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dBTrig Functionalities

Based on the short Leq measurement, dBTRIG includes unrivalled functionalities:

- Simultaneous measurements of overall indicators (Leq, Lp, Ln…) and spectral indicators (up to 8  channels)
- Advanced indicators: sliding Leq dose, PNL, PNLT, PPV, VDV
- Set-up of complex thresholds
- Recording of metrological signals on manual trigger or on threshold
- Multiple coding
- Multi-curve display…


The dB4 platform (4 measurement channels) associated with the dBTRIG software is included in the 01dB WebMonitoring offer dedicated to complex noise and vibration monitoring, such as that of building sites, industrial facilities or recreational activities.

------Noise nd vibration program


DBTRAIT provides all data processing required functions. For instance, the time history of overall and spectral indicators, calculation of average indicator ( Leq over period, Lden) and on spectra (average spectrum, decomposition), Statistical calculationAnalysis of metrological signals ( replay, 1/N octave, FFT, short Leq, etc. ), Manual coding on threshold, crossed between channels, Display of measurement sites on Googlemaps. Moreover, DBTRAIT can also help you to Export the processed data into Word and Excel file. 

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Vibration exposure 

The dBTrait-HV software allows for the processing and analysis of occupational vibration exposure measurement data on workers. Associated with the VIB vibration dosimeter, it allows meeting the requirements of current regulations and Standards ISO5349-1/2 and ISO2631-1.

01db S&V


Although the use of the dBTrait-HV software is optimum with the VIB vibration dosimeter, it remains compatible with the different generations of 01dB dosimeters. Furthermore, it is compatible with CMG files originating from the dBTRIG software used with different acquisition platforms (dB4, dB12,etc.).

01db S&V 

Standards ISO5349-1/2 et ISO2631-1

01dB S&V


The DBINSIDE, is a software that fully suitable for building acoustic applications, such as, sound insulation of rooms, Room acoustic correction, correction for equipment noise, etc and is compliance with the international standards ISO 717, ISO 140.


To enhance acoustic consultants’ productivity and efficiency, DBInside program conducted a new interface designed to reduce the time spent on different situations. For example, the time of entering data for measurement (locations and details…), the time of calculating the standardized and unique indicators and also the time of generating the measurement reports.

01dB S&V 

Smart Building Acoustic Solution (New Release 2018) 

Building acoustics solution

01dB Smart Building Acoustics Solution enables building acoustics technicians to enhance their productivity in the field and also in the office. The 01dB solution includes an embedded module in a sound level meter (FUSION or DUO), dBInside software running on a PC, a sound source and a tapping machine (LS01, LS02, TM01, etc.).

01db S&V

dBInside 2.0 is now available with a wave of new features including improved ergonomics (new icons, automatic updates…), new standards (ISO 16283, ISO 16032…), advanced features (“Eliminate Noise” function, modification of measurement type…). For more information.


With the 2.45 version, DUO and FUSION are enhanced with new functions for measuring building noise:

- Record audio comments
- Automatic audio recording for all measurements
- Automatic recording of measurements in DI Fine (20 mins)
- Stop and confirm all measurements via the Web interface
- Instant sound level display during equipment noise measurement

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