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01dB provides different types of sound and vibration software, which included, DBTRIG, DBTRAIT and DBINSIDE

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01dB Software

DBTRIG is the software program that can acquire sound and vibration data from multichannel platforms, such as dB4, dB12, SYSPHONIE and HARMONIE platforms. It allows performing environmental measurements, mainly in monitoring projects.

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According to the short Leq measurement, dBTRIG provides Incomparable functions to their users.

DBTRIG not just measure overall indicators (Leq, LP,Ln...) , the advance indicators( sliding Leq dose, PNL,PNLT, PPV VDV), and spectral indicators  (that up to 8 channels) . It can also use for setting up complex thresholds, recoding of metrological signals on manual trigger on threshold, applying multiple coding that with a multi- curve display.

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DBTRAIT provides all data processing required functions. For instance, the time history of overall and spectral indicators, calculation of average indicator ( Leq over period, Lden) and on spectra (average spectrum, decomposition), Statistical calculationAnalysis of metrological signals ( replay, 1/N octave, FFT, short Leq, etc. ), Manual coding on threshold, crossed between channels, Display of measurement sites on Googlemaps. Moreover, DBTRAIT can also help you to Export the processed data into Word and Excel file. 

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The DBINSIDE, is a software that fully suitable for building acoustic applications, such as, sound insulation of rooms, Room acoustic correction, correction for equipment noise, etc and is compliance with the international standards ISO 717, ISO 140.


To enhance acoustic consultants’ productivity and efficiency, DBInside program conducted a new interface designed to reduce the time spent on different situations. For example, the time of entering data for measurement (locations and details…), the time of calculating the standardized and unique indicators and also the time of generating the measurement reports.

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