03. CadnaA 2018

Cadna A 2018 

Cadna A

CadnaA is the leading software tool for calculation and assessment of environmental noise, as well as for the presentation of results to third parties. With the new CadnaA 2018, CadnaA becomes even more powerful. Read about the new features here and update to CadnaA 2018 now.

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New Features of CadnaA 2018

The list of new features offered by CadnaA 2018 is subdivided into the following  sections:  Read More 


-   User Interface for full HD display enhanced.

-   Improved Modelling & Object Tree Data Sorting Ability

-   New Import / Export Format options available

-   Latest Standards calculation method up to date.

-   Option X / XL: now with extended LUA commands

-   Option 64-Bit: Multithreading now for up to 64 threads

CadnaA 2018

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