04. Smartphone and Tablet Measurements

The Smartphone & Tablet Measuremet needed the following equipment or software, The SoundCheck system, the All-in-one Audio Interface-AmpConnect ISC, the 2in-2out Audio Interface -AudioConnect, -SCM Microphone and also the speakers. 


More Details: Smartphone& Tablet Meausurements

More details

 SoundCheck is a complete system for testing and measuring Smartphones and Tablets from the R&D lab to the production line. It measures all audio parameters for the speakers and microphones in the finished devices, as well as measuring sound quality to TIA standards.


SoundCheck can measure all the audio in a smartphone or tablet, both in terms of measuring the speakers and microphones before they are incorporated into the product, AND for testing the complete finished product. Here we will focus on measuring the complete product.


S&V Samford sound and vibration 

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