01. Headphone and Headset Measurements

Listen Headphone testing for ANY Headphone,ANY Measurement

Listen's Headphone Testing can measure different types of Headphone or Headset, which included Bluetooth, Active Noise Cancellation, IEM, ANC, Bone Conducting and Earbuds, e.t.c. 


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Listen's Headphone Testing Leaflet

Listen Headphone testing 

More details

ANY Headphone, ANY Measurement 

SoundCheck offers simple,fast and accurate testing of any headphone. SoundCheck is a complete system for testing and measuring headphones and headsets from the R&D lab to the production line. 

Listen Headphone testing 

Its Measurement include:

Frequency response, Phase, Distortion, Rub & Buzz, Polarity, impedance, sensitivity, Left/ Right earphone tracing , Maximum SPL to EN-50332, Diffuse or Free-Field corrected responses according to IEC 268-7 and IEC 581-10 or other target curve and also the active Noise Cacellation and passive attenuation.

Listen Headphone testing 

The Headphone test hardware included AudioConnect, AmpConnect, SoundConnect 2, BTC-4148 and BQC-4148 Bluetooth Interface


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