12. Bluetooth Measurement Interfaces for R&D and Production Line

The Bluetooth Measurement Interface have 2 version, CBTC-4148 and BQC-4148

More Details: Bluetooth Measurement Interface

More details

Listen offers 2 Bluetooth interfaces from Portland Tool & Die, the laboratory-grade BTC-4148 and the low cost BQC-4148 for production line use. These are ideal for measuring and characterizing Bluetooth audio devices including handsets, headsets, speakers, car kits and other devices with Bluetooth audio input or output.


The instrument is controlled via touchscreen or command line interface, and will be able to be directly controlled from future versions of SoundCheck.


The host interfaces via USB for both audio and control data and a parallel SPDIF interface for audio data. Audio is always transported in the digital domain maximizing measurement fidelity.

S&V Samford 

It also provides a Bluetooth 3.0 compliant RF interface , interface for device inquiry / discovery, pairing,   control of SCO and A2DP streaming states, a supplementary interface for AVRCP and AT commands and also supports A2DP, HFP and HSP.  

sound and vibration 


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