27. High Resolution Ear Simulator

Reliable measurements of headphones and earphones up to 20 kHz

 -Improved repeatability above 10 kHz

 -Measurements below and above 10 kHz both in the same measurement setup

 -The dampened resonance means better distortion measurements, even from as low as 3-5 kHz

More details

The new High Resolution Ear Simulator is designed specifically to meet the need for reliable and repeatable measurements of personal audio devices at high frequencies up to 20 kHz

The standardized IEC 60318-4 ear simulator is a good tool for ear simulation up to 10 kHz. However, its high Q resonance makes it unsuitable for analyzing high resolution audio performance.


The new High Resolution Ear Simulator mitigates this limitation. The resonance is dampened by approximately 14 dB and the damping does not change with varying lengths of the ear canal caused by changes in placement of the Device Under Test (DUT).


Therefore both frequency response and distortion measurements up to 20 kHz can now be made with confidence and full backwards compatibility to historical measurements.


Key Benefits


-From 10 to 20 kHz the response is within ± 2.2 dB

-The 13.5 kHz resonance dampened by approximately 14 dB

-Upgraded IEC 60318-4 ear simulator - same form factor

-Full backwards compatible with standard IEC 60318-4 (711) ear simulator

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