01. Emissions Analyzer-EU-5000

The flue gas ananlyzer anapol EU-5000 E is an electronical measurement device which was especially conceived for the monitoring and optimal adjustment of industry furnaces and for gasoline and diesel engines.

 S&V Samford Instrument Ltd.

More Details...

More details

The EU-5000Emissions Analyzer is equipped with an infrared NDIR-bench. Users are possible to install various electrochemical sensors such as O2, CO, NO,NO2,SO2. It is the basic device for the given situation for sampling on gas, oil and wood firings and diessel engines. Besides, it can conduct accruate measurements through its  infrared technology and electrichenical sensors. 


Moreover, UU-5000 contain the integrated software for the automatic calculation of the average, low entertainment costs for merely 1 device and also together with the modular equipment.

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