04. Tracer Gas Monitoring

The Application Software - INNOVA 7620 is especially developed to perform quantitative air exchange analysis using the tracer-gas technique.

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More details

The Photoacoustic Field Gas-Monitor - INNOVA 1412 and the Multipoint Sampler and Doser unit(s) - INNOVA 1303 are connected to the PC (via RS-232 interface)  or USB Com port. The user decides where the measurements will be performed, and connects the Sampler and Doser unit(s) to these locations with tubing so that the locations can be "dosed" with tracer-gas and air samples can be taken from the location and be analysed by the Monitor.

The INNOVA 7620 can either perform ventilation measurements using both the doser and sampler system with one or two tracer gases or a multipoint gas-monitoring tasks, using only the sampler system of the INNOVA 1303 units. The user opens a database to receive the data from the task, and configures the INNOVA 7620 to the instruments. When the configuration is complete, the INNOVA 7620 is in control of the instruments, and the chosen task be set up and started. Measuremt data and the running status of the instruments, are displayed on-screen.

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