02. Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Gas-Monitor

The LumaSense Photoacoustic Gas Monitor INNOVA 1412i is a highly accurate, reliable and stable quantitative field gas monitor.

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Its measurement principle is based on the photoacoustic infrared detection method. This means that the 1412i can measure almost any field gas that absorbs infrared light.


Appropriate optical filters (up to 5 + water vapor) are installed in the Photoacoustic Gas-Monitor INNOVA 1412i's filter carousel so that it can selectively measure the concentration of up to 5 component gases and water vapor in any air sample. Further, Photoacoustic Gas Monitor INNOVA 1412i can compensate for interference between the measured field gases, using the unique Cross-compensation feature. The INNOVA 1412i's detection limit is gas-dependent but typically in the ppb region.


Photoacoustic Gas Monitor INNOVA 1412i at a glance:

-  Selectively measures a wide range of gases/ vapors

-  Linear response over a wide dynamic range 

-  Highest stability (low drift) makes calibration only necessary 1-2 times a year 

-  User-friendly : easy calibration, configuration and measurement data presentation and analysis on PC

-  Accurate - compensates for temperature and pressure fluctuations, water-vapor interference and interference from other known gases

-  Extremely low-volume flushing possible

-  Operates immediately : almost no warm-up time necessary 

-  Remote control capability via TCP/ IP netwrok interface protocol

-  Expandable up to 24 locations using 1409 Multipoint Sampler (optional) 

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