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NoisePAD analyzer by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH SINUS Messtechnik GmbH的NoisePAD分析仪 SINUS  NoisePAD is a new class of 4- Channel real-time analyzer for noise & vibration (with SANURAI software). The combination of robust 8” tablet and analyzer meets the standard MIL 810.  NoisePAD是一种用于噪声和振动的新型4通道实时分析仪(使用SANURAI软件)。 坚固的8寸平板电脑和分析仪的组合符合标准MIL 810

01dB NOISE SOURCES 01dB offers a complete range of measuring instruments, software and accessories for building noise measurements.  A complete range of noise sources is available to characterize the internal acoustic of a room and / or the airborne noise insulation: 01DB

CF-4700 FFT Comparator  The CF-4700 FFT comparator is a pass/fail judgment machine used on production lines that is highly effective in accurate quality inspection by analyzing sound or vibration from products. More Details: CF-4700 FFT Comparator 

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