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CF-4700 FFT Comparator  The CF-4700 FFT comparator is a pass/fail judgment machine used on production lines that is highly effective in accurate quality inspection by analyzing sound or vibration from products. More Details: CF-4700 FFT Comparator 

Alpha-Log is the latest model of the LSI LASTEM’s data loggers’family. It contains the most efficient technical solutions coming from 40 years’ experience of LSI LASTEM about data acquisition systems.

The VIBER X4™ is a state of the art route-based -----vibration analyzer developed for advancedcondition maintenance with top class accuracy

Acoustic Camera - SOUNDCAM Ultra The SoundCam Ultra is the first and smallest handheld camera in the SounCam family that creates acoustic images from audible and ultrasound. The system is intuitive and easy to use. The SoundCam Ultra locates sound sources in real time and displays the results instantly on the screen.

Acoustic Camera - SoundCam Ultra Sensor The SoundCam Ultra Sensor is the first acoustic camera in the SoundCam family designed specifically for integration. The system is intuitive to use with the included software. The SoundCam Ultra Sensor locates sound sources in real time and immediately streams the results on your PC or to a monitoring system.

Apollo_light Carrier   modular, portable data acquisition hardware for sound and vibration analysis,up to 10 Apollo_light analyzers

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