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01dB ORION Smart Vibration Monitoring Terminal ORION is the new addition to the 01dB monitoring range, covering all vibrations created by human activity. Taking the best features from DUO and CUBE, ORION offers unique features for vibration monitoring. s&V S&V ORION Smart Vibration Monitoring Terminal Brouchure

 01dB provides different kinds of Sound Level Meters, Which Included Duo smart noise monitor (Sound Level Meters), Fusion Sound Level Meters and CUBE Sound Level Meters More Details: DUO  S&V Samford Instrument Ltd More Details: FUSION 3G   S&V Samford Instrument Ltd More Details : CUBE

dB4, an analyzer of noise and vibration that consists a USB 2.0 4-channel acquisition unit combineswith a 01dB software program (of the 01dB range, dBFA or dBENV). --- More Details: DB4 

01dB introduces Noise Inspector, the best solution for acoustic cameras, developed by his partner CAE Software and Systems.  S&V  More Details: Acoustic Camera Solution 

01dB provides different types of sound and vibration software, which included dBLexd , dBTrig, dBTrait-HV, dBTrait , dBInside and Smart Building Acousstic Solutions Software.   More Details: dBLexd  01dB S&V  More Details: dbTrig  S&V software More Details: dBTrait-HV 01dB S&V  More Details : DBRTAIT S&V Samford Ltd.  More Details : DBINSIDE

There are increasing levels of attention in variety of fields, such as construction, motor sports, town planning and also the industrial sector during recent 15 years

Nowadays, people treat noise as one of the majority pollution issue in our environment. Because of the charactristic of ambient noise, the conservation of open spaces and the implementing preliminary protections are becoming essntial considerations for a favouravle living environment  sound and Vibration 

01dB offers comprehensive solutions to characterize the intrinsic properties of materials in laboratory conditions, to simulate a building’s architecture to forecast its acoustic performance, and to measure its acoustic in- situ.  

01dB NOISE SOURCES 01dB offers a complete range of measuring instruments, software and accessories for building noise measurements.  A complete range of noise sources is available to characterize the internal acoustic of a room and / or the airborne noise insulation: 01DB

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