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Connection Technology Center, Inc.(CTC)–offers the widest variety of high quality accelerometers, vibration sensors, cables and connectors for industrial use in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance applications.  Connection Technology Center, Inc.(CTC) - 提供最广泛的高质量加速度计、振动传感器、线缆和连接器,用于工业用于状态监测和预测性维护应用。 S&V Samford Instruments...

The Industrial Accelerometer is a common sensor that should be found in the toolbox of every vibration analyst.  工业加速度计是一种常见的传感器,应该存在于每个振动分析师的工具箱中。 S&V Samford Istruments LTD More Details: CTC Accelerometer

CSI Multi channel data collector and analyzer 多通道数据采集器和分析仪 CTC More details : CTC Compatible Cable Adapters for CSI 2140

CTC Cables are assembled to meet rigorous standards for low noise, high mechanical strength, and resistance to harsh plant environments.  电缆的组装符合严格的低噪音、高机械强度和抗恶劣工厂环境标准。  ---- CTC connectors offer for permanent monitoring as well as portable measurements. CTC连接器提供永久监控和便携式测量。 S&V Samford Instrument Ltd More Details: CTC Cable & Connectors

CTC offers a wide variety of Junction Boxes ranging from 1 channel up to 48 channels.  All of our enclosures with latching doors feature NEMA 4X (equivalent to IP66) ratings to ensure that they will stand up to outdoor environments, as well as tough factory environments.  S&V Samford Instruments Ltd,  CTC- Junction Boxes More Details: CTC Junction Box

-Highest Qality  最高质量 -Lowest cost     最低成本 S&V Samford Instruments LTD More Details: CTC Mounting Hardware

 Protection & Reliability Optimization Instruments  保护和可靠性优化仪器 ts LTD More Details: Pro Line 

Flexible system configuration S&V Samford Instruments LTD.  More Details : Proximity Probes 

 4-20 mA Output Solutions Continuously Monitor & Protect Important Machinery  S&V Samford Instruments LTD.  More Details : 4 to 20mA Velocity Sensors 

4 series  s&v Samford Instruments LtD.  More Details: Signal Conditioner Enclosures

The PRO Line Sensors and Signal Conditioners have been certified by a variety of regulatory agencies so that you can protect your company’s critical machinery application while ensuring plant safety almost anywhere in the world ------------ More Details: Vibration Monitors

Offers Continuous protection plus dynamic outputs for Diagnostics S&V Samford Instruments LTD.  More Details: Dual Output Sensors

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