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Whole-Body Seat Accelerometer SV 38 /  SV38V svantek It is dedicated for Human Vibration measurements performed according to ISO 2631-1  with SVAN 958A four channel analyser. Svantek More Details: Svantek Whole-Body Seat Accelerometer SV38/ SV38V

The new SV100A is a wireless whole-body vibration exposure meter suitable in accordance with ISO 2631-1.  svantek More Details: Wireless whole-Body Vibration Dosimeter SV100A

Class 1 4-channel Sound & Vibration Analyser Svantek SVAN 958A Class 1 4-channel Sound & Vibration Analyser is dedicated for all applications that require simultaneous class 1 sound and vibration assessment.  More Details: 4-Channel Sound and Vibration Analyzer

Six-channel Human Vibration Meter and Analyser  Svantek SV 106 meets requirements of ISO 8041:2005 standard and it is an ideal choice for measurements according to ISO 2631-1,2&5, ISO 5349 and directive 2002/44/EC of European Parliament.  svantek More Details: Six-channel Human Vibration Meter and Analyser 

Class 1 Sound & Vibration Analyzer  The SVAN 979 It is Svantek flagship device.You will be amazed by its OLED display which is featured with excellent visibility in all light conditions.  svantek More Details: Class 1 Sound & Vibration Analyzer 

TANGO Plus  Intrgrating Sound Level Meter type 1 : IEC 61672                           1/3 octave analyser : IEC 61260 TANGO Plus provides General sound level measurements , you can conduct noise measurements, environmenal noise at  the workplace and monitor the traffic noise.  Tango plus Both 1/1 and 1/3 octave analysis in real-time 

MUNISENSE -The Effective long-term noise monitoring via internet SINUS -It is an autonomous noise monitoring stations -It is able to conduct wireless communication within the network -The continuous data is available to store on the server -Provides flexible web interface to users  -Stationary and mobile systems available ...

TANGO Sound Level meter for occupational noise measurement  Integrating basic sound level meter   PTB model registration 21.21/12.04  More Details : TANGO 

The ApolloTM  Light S&V New The Light version for our black box acoustic analyzer- especially handy and robust- with USB Interface S&V New The ApolloTM  Light Leaflet

Soundbook  & SAMURAI  Option: PASS-BY Measurement Innovative system with Dynatrack hardware & Starpass software GPS System for Pass-by measurements according to ISO 362/08, 2011/43CE The Best way to simplify your Pass-by measurement  Soundbook  & SAMURAI Option: PASS-BY Measurement Leaflet

ApolloTM  PCl Express Cards  Quality and performance of Soundbookcombined with an idividual hardware configuration  PCI measuring cards for your PC or as configurable customized PC solution ApolloTM  PCIe- PCI Express Cards 

The Bionic XS-56 microphone array has a diameter of 27 cm and consists of 56 microphones. It is engineered for use from 2000 Hz. The optimized microphone distribution guarantees a perfect sound source localization and a high dynamic range.  CAE More Details: Acoustic Camera - Bionic XS-56 microphone Array

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