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Georesistivimeter fot Time Lapse Analisys for measuring the alteration over time of the soil’s resistivity profile.

Heat Shield meter displays on-line WBGT indoor& outdoor index plus Heat Index and Humidex indexes. Furthermore, if ESV125 anemometer is connected, Heat Shield can calculate directly the PMV-PPD comfort index (ISO7730). 

Oxygen, Temperature and Water content inside materials sensors LSI LASTEM supplies a wide range of sensors for monitoring compost heaps during the bio-oxidation process and for monitoring waste, to better define its determining characteristics in the manufacturing process.

Innova 3433i Specially Configured Innova 1314i Multi-Gas Monitor for Automotive Emissions

Innova 3731 SF6  Leak Detection System for Enclosed GIS Substations

Innova 3750-2 / 3750-5 Tracer Gas Systems for Ventilation System Studies and Tests

Innova 3751-2 / 3751-5 Tracer Gas Systems that Enable Constant Concentration Method

R-Log data logger is a line of compact data loggers for environmental monitoring, suitable for portable indoor applications, but also fixed for continuous monitoring. R-Log can be connected to a wide range of LSI LASTEM's sensor. R-Log can receive measurements via radio from radio sensors, or from other R-Log units in order to create a wireless sensor...

ANASTAR VEGA  The most compact emissions analyzer in a new dimension in the operation

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