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CAI offers two analyzer models that use Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology to measure the concentrations of IR-absorbing gases in a sample. The 600 and ZPA models utilize paramagnetic or fuel cell technology to measure Oxygen.  Gaz analyser  - 700 NDIR  – Up to 3 IR channels or 2 IR channels + O2- ZPA...

CAI offers two dedicated analyzer models to measure Oxygen in a sample. The 600P uses paramagnetic technology and the 600F uses a fuel cell method to determine the percentage level of oxygen contained in a gas sample.

Alpha-Log is the latest model of the LSI LASTEM’s data loggers’family. It contains the most efficient technical solutions coming from 40 years’ experience of LSI LASTEM about data acquisition systems.

Pluvi-ONE is a data logger dedicated to rain monitoring plus other related quantities for hydrological applications where early warnings activities are required. Pluvi-ONE has a series of unique features currently available in a single device and represents the current "state of the art" for rain measurement system and early warnings activity in...

E-log has been explicitly designed for environmental applications: it is equipped with specific inputs for a wide range of sensors and calculations of derived quantities. 

METEOROLOGICAL SENSORS  - Air temperature and Relative Humidity Precise and reliable, this sensor is suitable for continuous meteorological measurements also in severe environments and in presence of steep thermal and hygrometric variations.For outdoor application it should be coupled with a radiant screen. 

Thermometer probe with wet bulb and natural ventilation. ISO7726 standard. The Pt100 element is closed inside a wet cotton sock from a water tank. The water tank has a high reflection factor to avoid water temperature increase due to radiant sources. This sensor is needed for WBGT (ISO77243) heat stress index assessment.

Radiant temperature sensor TG (Pt100 output) The standard globe thermometer consists of a black-painted copper sphere with a diameter of 150 mm and a thickness of 0.4 mm. It contains a thermometer with its bulb at the center of the sphere. This sensor is described in the ISO7726 standard.

A Rain gauge is a device to measure liquid rain fall amount and intensity. The device is composed of a rain collector cone and a double-chamber tipping bucket connected to a magnet. The magnet operates one reed switch, which generates impulses that can be counted by external meters. 

Combined wind speed and wind direction sensor. This sensor range includes, in a single apparatus, transducers for both wind speed and wind direction measurement. 

Wind direction - Compact type Wind vane anemometer with 0-1 Vcc output generated by Hall effect transducer ----- Wind Direction - Standard type - direct and analog output Range of wind direction sensors. Analog and Ohm outputs

Wind Speed Compact Type  Compact 3-cup anemometer for wind speed measurement with relay reed-generated linear pulse output. ------ Wind Speed Standard type - direct and analog output Range of 3-cups anemometers with analog and frequency outputs

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