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Finding a compact, battery-operated and lightweight’s handheld speedometer? EC-2100 can fulfill your desires. It is a compact, battery-operated and lightweight machine that using in elevators adjustment maintenance and inspection.   ELEVATOR SPEEDOMETER More Details: Elevator Speedometer

 SS Series Torque Detector  Small / medium Capacity Type Onosokki  This ONOSOKKI’s SS Series provide wide variety of torque measurement applications. TH-3000 series is a torque detector designed for very low torque (less than 2 N· m) with high response and high accuracy. T--  More Details : Torque Detector  More Details: TH-3000

The design of TS-7700 Torque Station Pro is about the automatic measure for the motor torque characteristics that combined with MT-series torque detectors. It aims to provide an automatic evaluation in development and product inspection of motor and motor driver. Onosokki Torque  Sound and Vibration More Details: Torque Station More Details :...

The ONOSOKKI FFT analyzer is an All -in-one portable analyzer. All the FFT analysis can be performed with integrated hard keys and touch panel (a capacitance type) without requiring an external PC for analysis.  ONOSOKKI   FFT analyzer S&V samford  More Details: FFT analyzer 

The Contact Type Handheld Digital Tachometer --HT-3200 Digital Tachometer  ONOSOKKI HT-3200 Contact Type Handheld Digital Tachometer offers Lo measurement range that starts from 0.5r /min up to a high speed at 10,000r/min. HT-3200 can also help to store the circumferential ring and contact tip for rotation measure.  Digital Tachometer ...

The HT-4200 is a compact, non-contact type handheld digital tachometer. Affix one of the reflective marks to the rotating surface of the target measurement object, and then aim the red visible ray at the mark.  non-contact type handheld digital tachometer3 More Details: HT-4200  

DR-7100 Portable Data Recorder For Acoustics & Vibration  ONOSOKKI DR-7100 Portable Data Recorder For Acoustics & Vibration , is a portable data recorder for acoustic and vibration with high accuracy. ONOSOKKI More Details : DR-7100 

X-BALANCER VMI International has developed the Wireless X-BALANCER, the biggest balancingnews in years!Safe to use, personal don´t need to be close to noisy and hazardous environments,they can be up to 20 meters away from the machine being balanced.Don´t risk anything, use the safest device in the market!Compare with anyone!

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